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Veterans Awareness Training (Kognito)

Veterans are a valued part of the APU community!  
Based on best practices nationwide, academic institutions that provide support services to veterans have the best rate of success for veterans to graduate and transition successfully into civilian careers. One of the keys to facilitate veterans’ success on campus is for the institution to provide a comprehensive professional development for faculty and staff on issues and challenges unique to veterans.
APU has licensed an online program through KOGNITO which provides professional development for staff and faculty on unique needs for veterans. We invite and encourage APU employees to take advantage of this online simulation program which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Instructions to complete this program are as follows:

Step 1. Go to: kognitocampus.com/login

Step 2. Create a new account, or if you have already done this, use your previous information

Step 3. Use enrollment key: apu24

Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions.  Choose the course Veterans on Campus and click “LAUNCH”

After completing the program, you can print a certificate of completion and since you have established an account, you can revisit the site as many times as you wish.