Training Courses offered

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Microsoft Courses

25 Things your Mother Didn't Teach you about Microsoft Word
    This course walks you through 25 ways to customize your Word Document and format it to your exact requirements. You will learn how to use tools to transform a standard document into one that is uniquely yours. 

Microsoft Excel 2010 - Module 1
    Module 1 is an introductory course to Microsoft Excel, discussing the Fundamentals of Excel, and Creating, Editing and Formatting your Worksheets. 

Microsoft Excel 2010 - Module 2
    Module 2 is an intermediate course to Microsoft Excel, discussing Managing your Workbooks, working with Data Ranges and Customizing your Worksheets. 

Microsoft Excel 2010 - Module 3
    Module 3 is an advanced course to Microsoft Excel, discussing working and managing Charts, advanced Functions and Formulas, and working with Pivot Tables. 

Microsoft Publisher
    This course explains the ways to create, edit and specify a Microsoft Publisher form, so you can create exactly what you need. 

Microsoft Word Mail Merge 


APU Specific Courses

APU Events

Cisco IP Phone 
    This course will give you a thorough understanding of the Cisco IP Phone, and help you utilize its capabilities to the fullest extent. 

Multi-Functional Printers

New Employee Orientation Training
    New Employee Orientation Training is a mandatory introductory course for all new employees to Azusa Pacific University. They are introduced to accessing the APU network and how they can communicate to the APU community easily. 

Security Awareness Training Course
    This course discusses the process of protecting your identity and your data online and making sure you know how to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself secure from predators.

Google Courses

Google Apps: Getting Started
    This course introduces you to Google's available applications and ways you can use these tools to streamline your everyday life. 

Google Apps: Google Drive
    This course provides a comprehensive overview of your Google Drive. You will learn all the tools available for you to use and how to make them compatible with whatever machine you use regularly. 

Google Apps: Google Drive Part II - Forms and Collections
    This course offers a more in depth look at your Google Drive, specifically focused on the creation and use of Forms and Collections. You will understand the many uses of these tools and how they may be beneficial in your day to day schedule. 

Google Apps: Google Groups
    This course discusses the creation and use of Google Groups, using this comprehensive tool to access, contact and communicate with all of your contacts easily and efficiently. 

Google Apps: Q&A [Online]
    This course, available exclusively online, allows you to bring unique and individual questions about Google Apps to our Training Director for a more specified consultation. 

Google Calendar
    This course explains the many ways Google Calendar helps you streamline and organize your thoughts, providing you with an readily accessible  easy to understand layout for you to have your life at the tip of your fingertips. 

Managing our Gmail 
    This course runs a deeper analysis of your Gmail account, focusing on the use of labels for your mail, filtering and organizing what comes into your inbox, and searching for exactly what you need. 

Windows/Mac Courses

Windows 7

Windows to Mac Transition
    This course walks you through the transition of a Windows computer to a Mac; you will be shown the similarities and differences between the two machines and functions that are exclusively Mac.

Using the Mac
    This course is meant as an introduction to using a Mac computer, using the functions unique to this machine to make using the computer as easy as possible. 

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