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Google Drive 2

Welcome to the video series on Google Drive from Winter 2014. Below are 9 videos that make up almost 45 minutes of training taking you through creating forms. The majority of these topics are covered in the face to face session. Here is the document for the face to face class.

Part 1 - Creating Forms and Managing Settings

Part 1 - Creating and Settings

Part 2 - Applying and Modifying Themes for Google Forms

Part 2 - Using Themes for Your Forms

Part 3 - Overview of the Types of Questions Available

Part 3 - Overview of the Types of Questions.mp4

Part 4 - Making Edits to Your Form and Sending the Link Via Email

Part 4 - Edits and Sending.mp4

Part 5 - How to Use and Add Pages to Your Form

Part 5 - Adding Pages.mp4

Part 6 - Editing the Confirmation Settings

Part 6 - Confirmation and Send Form.mp4

Part 7 - Changing the Order of Fields on Your Form

Part 7 - Changing the Order of fields.mp4

Part 8 - Filling Out the Form and Viewing Results

Part 8 - Filling out the Form and Results.mp4

Part 9 - Using Images, Videos, and Other Misc Info

Part 9 - Images, Videos and other stuff.mp4